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Better to hear once than to read a hundred times. You can listen to Truune speakers in Slovakia and the Czech Republic too

There is a lot of good music out there, but you also need quality speakers to listen to it. So why not have a fundamental piece of the best the world has to offer? How to find your way around it? You don't have to be an audiophile to enjoy listening to good music. New on the market – active pair speakers Truune Eight (8) are an elegant solution. They dominate with faithful analogue sound, capture your attention with timeless design and provide a pleasant listening experience during the whole day.

Gabriel Stark: I've always wanted to develop speakers that capture sound perfectly.

Gabriel Stark, inventor and designer, develops with his team unique, custom-made Truune audio systems in Eastern Slovakia that provide the ultimate experience of pure sound quality. Elegant design combines with high quality components made from sustainable materials that guarantee their longevity.

Active Audio System Truune Eight (8) – Anything is possible to achieve authentic sound

To build the perfect audio setup requires extensive product knowledge. Truune Eight (8) is a new versatile active audio system with a built-in network music player that encapsulates the complete audio path from streaming, oversampling, decoding, to signal amplification. By using the convenience of digital technology in conjunction with an unconventional acoustic design, you can enjoy the elegance of pure analogue sound. The pair of speakers Truune Eight (8) for home and office, developed by Gabriel Stark, is gradually gaining the respect of audiophiles and more demanding listeners.
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