Active Audio System Truune Eight (8) – Anything is possible to achieve authentic sound

To build the perfect audio setup requires extensive product knowledge. Truune Eight (8) is a new versatile active audio system with a built-in network music player that encapsulates the complete audio path from streaming, oversampling, decoding, to signal amplification. By using the convenience of digital technology in conjunction with an unconventional acoustic design, you can enjoy the elegance of pure analogue sound. The pair of speakers Truune Eight (8) for home and office, developed by Gabriel Stark, is gradually gaining the respect of audiophiles and more demanding listeners.

“I missed versatile all-in-one style speakers that deliver transparent, clear sound in the form the artist created it in the recording studio. At the same time I wanted to capture in one package the original sound, timeless design and, as a bonus, not to worry about searching for additional components, which can be quite exhausting,”

says Gabriel.

A musical instrument needs to resonate. But when a speaker resonates, it introduces a fault into the sound that affects the final quality of the music, across the instrumentation as well as the vocals. As such, you are not listening to the instrument, you are listening to the technology. The main advantage of these speakers is the clear, unaffected sound, which deliver an unparalleled experience for the listener.

The unique Self Dumping Cabinet (SDC), which has flexibly connected parts, features design and damping solutions that go against the trend of making the speaker as robust as possible. Due to its unique solutions, Truune has positioned itself outside the mainstream and within the high-end audio sector. The SDC absorbs the vibrations that are created when the speaker oscillates.

Intuitive control

Truune Eight (8) is a smart home audio system which in a paired design offers studio-quality sound. It connects to your home Wi-Fi network and takes no more than five minutes to install.

The speakers are also suitable and adapted for rooms that are not acoustically perfect. When developing the system, Gabriel Stark thought of audiophiles, perceptive and casual listeners alike, and although he recommends leaving the equalizer off in its ideal mode, anyon e who does not plan to acoustically modify their living room or office can turn on the equalizer and work with it.

“We also considered modern design spaces, which have a lot of concrete and glass. Our customers have confirmed that even in such spaces they haven’t had to tweak the sound significantly with the equalizer.”

Anyone can adjust the frequency band in great detail according to their own preferences and achieve the desired sound. There are four preset modes to choose from: off (no interference with the recording) studio (more mids, more prominent voice), relaxing (less treble, suitable for listening to music all day) and bass boost (added bass). Plus two fully user-adjustable modes via the 10-band equalizer.

The system offers easy connectivity to all devices in the home via seven inputs. It is pre-programmed for logical behaviour and input evaluation. It switches itself on when a signal is detected on an input and switches off after a period of time when the playback is complete. The most frequently used functions are remembered by the system and automatically prioritised over others. Of course, these functions are configurable by the user in the system settings.

Easy to update both software and hardware

While the hardware is not expected to change fundamentally in the long term, the software undergoes regular updates. The Wi-Fi communication module, which also has a built-in streamer for Spotify, Tidal, internet radio and other services, is easy to replace. If, for example, a ground-breaking audio processing emerges in the future, it will be possible to incorporate it into the existing set-up. There are several levels of what can be replaced, including the end station itself with power supply, and even the complete electronics.

“These speakers are engineered and tested for decades of continuous use. We can upgrade the entire electronic apparatus quite easily and in a short time.”

True sustainability comes with longevity

The speakers have a solid walnut wood finish that gives them a timeless design. They are available in a combination of dark and light leather. The walnut wood itself possesses natural beauty, is a sign of luxury and beautifully matures over time.

The enhanced low distortion acoustic fabric, which allows for bold and modern colour combinations, protects the sensitive speaker diaphragm and preserves clarity and detail in the audible sound spectrum.

If colour is your thing, you can choose from a range of vibrant acoustic rings (even in the future after purchase) and match the design of the speakers to the space they are in. The circles are magnetically attached to the speaker and can be replaced by the user. Additionally, the hoop on which the fabric is attached is made of ecoplastic developed from potato.

“We have found the ideal components in both the European and our local market to match our vision of longevity. For example, we use premium grade capacitors that can withstand higher vibrations and temperatures, and our components are soldered with high silver content. By using the speakers for a long time, our customers contribute to the protection of the environment and reduction of electrical waste.” Truune speakers are built to last for generations to come.

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