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Unleash the Bliss

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Unleash the Bliss

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Indulge freedom not convention.

The emotions from pure music provide private experiences and bring certainty to encounters with your inner world. Personal interpretation and private knowledge of the world is to be protected. At Truune, we believe in demanding an unadulterated, honest sound from the world. Reject the convention and give yourself freedom.
Available in a wide range of color options for your individual design preferences.
An Instant connection with you and all your devices in your home.
Truune features audiophile-grade components built into the entire audio path from decoding, resampling to signal amplification, so you can enjoy a true-to-analog audio experience.
We are straightforward, minimalistic, timeless in design, yet with a status quo of Second To None.

We will seamlessly connect with you and all your devices while requiring no additional box.
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The comfort senses of true audiophiles, engineers, designers and naturalists. They are assembled to deliver a faithful reproduction.

As a result, you get high-end streaming speakers resonating with pure sound for each audio gourmet.
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Gabriel Stark
With the conveniences of digital technology, we have achieved the grace and elegance of the true analogue sound.
Gabriel Stark
designer and creator

Bespoke loudspeakers

You may listen to many until you hear us.
Unique presence and defining lines are an embodiment of power, beauty, mastery and strength.


Your Guilty Pleasure
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They say music dictates
your feeling.

I am that feeling.
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Meet Premium Quality and Sustainability.

The speakers are equipped with premium studio-quality components to ensure the highest possible sound quality and the best possible user experience. You’ll be instantly impressed by their eco-friendly, smart yet distinctive design. They are handcrafted, which means the precision of every detail is always first and foremost.

Truune speakers remain timeless thanks to instant hardware and software updates.
Transforming digital to analogue.
Transforming digital to analogue.
Get a unique sound as if by magic. Equipped with high performance sample rate converter designed for professional recording systems.
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Minimal. Ecological. Smart.
Organic shapes, sides made from walnut veneer sandwich construction, an eco-leather cover and a potato starch fibre lining provide each speaker with a unique look.
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Mix & Match. Over and over.
Looking for a new and creative way to add personality to your speakers? Just play around with endless colour combinations.
Mix your style
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